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My oils and acrylic paintings

Painted in the studio set in a lush English garden, my subjects range from landscape to seascapes and skyscapes or museum interiors to fruit and flowers, depending on inspiration and the time of year.  I usually work with a starting point of the multitudes of photos I take, excited by visual images of all sorts. 

I love experimenting with the richness and sensuality of oils as well as the excitement of building rich layers with acrylics.  Each new subject seems to bring its own needs  when it comes to style, technique and colour with the challenge of bringing something new to my work. Sometimes simplicity and pure colour seems sufficient and sometimes the pattern of light, shade or solid calls out for attention. Even the size or shape of canvas will affect the choice.

My Watercolours - Capturing the Mood

Inspired by the beautiful towns and cities, landscapes and seascapes of this planet, my painting aims to capture their atmosphere, colour and vitality. 

For me the only way to do this is to be there, working in situ and feeling the mood and weather of the moment.  I enjoy the rapport with people passing and sharing their enthusiasm. 

Watercolour and ink are the simplest solution: using the gentle flow of watercolour and the quick energy of pen and ink to transfer the way the light blends the colours, or the quirky architectural details stand against a skyline. 

I have lived in the beautiful city of  Oxford for many years and when not painting watercolours in situ, work from my studio in my garden


I have participated in Oxfordshire Artweeks since 1999

Many mixed or solo exhibitions throughout Oxford

since 2005

Publications.  (Poetry and Guidebooks)

'That Sweet City - Visions of Oxford' -

with poetry by John Elinger and walking maps

'That Mighty Heart - Visions of London'

with poetry by John Elinger and walking maps 

both published by Signal Press

'The Oxford Art Book' - (with other Oxford artists)

published by Cambridge University Press

View from the studio in winter

View from the studio in winter

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