An Alternative Solution for Broad Street by Anthony Stones FRBS and Katherine Shock

Thank you for visiting this web site which has been set up to give everyone an opportunity to see our alternative suggested design for Broad Street.  Anthony Stones is a renowned sculptor who has work in public places all over the world.  Katherine Shock is a professional garden designer who has spent the last 15 years working resolving spatial problems in gardens.  We put forward this suggestion in the belief that it will solve many of Broad Street's spatial problems whilst giving a beautiful solution to enhance one of the finest streets in Britain. 


Please look at the information on our ideas by following the links below and contact us to let us know your views.


Discussion document.  This document sets out our views having considered the plan proposed by Kim Wilkie.


Explanation of the details of our plan.


Click the thumbnail of the plan                                                   for a full size version:







Illustrations that give the atmosphere we might achieve:


A photograph of the fountain in Perugia on which the one set in Broad Street might be based:












A suggestion by Anthony Stones for the statue of Apollo to go on top of the fountain which will

link with the Muses on top of the Clarendon Building. - gilded bronze statue of Apollo – after a

proposed design by Sir James Thornhill, standing over a fountain basin based on the Perugia

town square fountain.








A suggestion by Anthony Stones for the statue of Roger Bacon, known as Dr Mirabilis, a Franciscan whose life spanned the first century of Oxford University’s existence is credited with, amongst other things, inventing spectacles.   He is shown in the sketch for the proposed sculpture squinting through a lens at the Science Museum- to be set in the cafe area opposite the Museum of the History of Science with stone pavers and sett pattern outside Blackwells Bookshop and White Horse Pub.





















.Finally, a view of the street from the west end: